Accent Rings


Accent Rings

Light as a feather, delicate and gracious, the butterfly flutters on the breeze from blossom to blossom. This enchanting insect captures our imagination with its elegance and grace. The whimsical patterns of its wings shimmer in the sunshine, displaying their spellbinding colors. Today, it is becoming increasingly rare to spot a butterfly. But whenever one appears, it is always a wonderful sight. Because of their unique beauty and weightlessness, butterflies have always been an inspiration for artists and creative spirits. And now it’s our turn. Silhouette’s Accent Rings collection was inspired by the graceful appearance of butterfly wings.

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In 2018, we were wondering if we could give rimless glasses a completely new look while keeping all the benefits. And that’s how we developed our innovative Silhouette Accent Rings, which were the first solution of their kind in the world. Since their launch, the Accent Rings models have gained international popularity and become a permanent fixture in Silhouette’s world. So, what’s the secret behind their popularity?

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„We believe that when you combine two apparent opposites, it often creates a unique new aesthetic. For example, we create glasses that are at once light as a feather, but extremely durable. Or another example is how we continue to set new trends while also remaining true to ourselves, creating timeless designs that always capture the moment."

Accent Rings

Like the wings of a butterfly, the ultralight Accent Rings encircle the rimless glasses to create an expressive new contour. The result is a style of eyewear that sits somewhere between classic rimless glasses and full-rim, but is different to both. That makes Accent Rings true hybrids, giving our customers the best of both worlds.

Our mission is to stay on the cutting-edge and revolutionize the eyewear market with our creative approach. We never rest on our laurels. Change is in our DNA and we are constantly evolving our existing collections. Yet no matter where our inspiration leads us, we remain true to our inner strengths and that’s what drives us to pursue the next design adventure.

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