Lightweight full-rim glasses

In 1964, the first pair of Silhouette glasses was born. Ever since that first full-rim model was produced, we have been constantly striving to develop new innovations, with one single goal: to exceed our expectations and those of our customers. For 57 years, we have been creating glasses that perfectly fulfill the needs of the wearer.

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That goes for all our glasses, regardless of whether our customers choose a rimless, full-rim or half-rim model. We always stick to our principles. Every pair of Silhouette glasses has the unparalleled lightness, high-quality materials and limitless range of shapes, colors and designs that our customers love.

„The lightest model in the Silhouette full-rim range weigh only 3.3 grams - a perfect statement piece for lovers of the minimalist aesthetic."


Silhouette full-rim glasses combine unique solutions with harmonious design. Our high-tech materials titanium and SPX®+ allow us to reduce the frame to its lowest possible weight. All of Silhouette's premium eyewear is made without screws and our unique hinge technology is seamlessly integrated into the frames.

We are proud to be the leading rimless eyewear brand in the premium segment. Yet, we are equally proud of our strong growth in the full-rim market. It’s not whether a pair of glasses is rimless, full-rim or half-rim that makes it a Silhouette. It’s the passion, the attention to detail, and the craftsmanship—and that’s a difference that you can truly feel.

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