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Silhouette Light Management® Technology

Light conditions change – Silhouette eyewear adapts. Our premium lenses are based on an innovative technology that allows them to adapt to the ambient light conditions. Our patented Silhouette Light Management® Technology protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and delivers brilliant colors and better contrast, despite anti-glare protection. The outstanding finish to our eyewear makes every sunny day a perfect experience.

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We’re always on the lookout for innovations and new ideas to enhance our premium eyewear. We’re constantly reinventing the future of vision. An example of this is our patented Silhouette Light Management® technology.

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„The patented Silhouette Light Management® technology offers unprecedented protection against harmful UV rays."

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The specially developed transmittance ranges of Silhouette’s lenses provide a pleasant brightening effect and brilliant, high-contrast colors, along with perfect anti-glare protection. Thanks to Silhouette Light Management® technology, the lenses are also more receptive to yellow tones, which have a colorintensifying and positive, mood-enhancing effect.

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