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Sustainable avantgarde

If you want to see a beautiful, green environment through your glasses in the future, you’ll have to do something about it. That’s where NEUBAU EYEWEAR can help. Since its launch in 2016, the label has embodied the philosophy of “sustainable avantgarde.”

Its sunglasses and prescription eyewear set high standards in aesthetics, quality and innovation, as well as environmental protection. This is due to their sustainable materials and environmentally friendly techniques. Everything is Made in Austria, with the utmost care for people and the planet.

65 %

renewable raw materials

are used to create the environmentally friendly material naturalPX.

100 %


With natural3D, we have developed the first all-natural material used in 3D printing.


plastic bottles

have been recycled to produce NEUBAU eyeglass cleaning cloths since 2017.

Sustainably good.

As a pioneer in sustainability, NEUBAU EYEWEAR uses state-of-the-art techniques and sustainable materials. These include our biobased resins. The polymers used for NEUBAU EYEWEAR are 65 or 100 percent biobased. While at the moment just 0.5% of plastics used in production around the world are made from plant derivatives, NEUBAU EYEWEAR is continuously pushing the boundaries further. It’s good news not just for our customers, but also for the planet.

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Inspired by the urban lifestyle.

A constant, thriving source of inspiration for NEUBAU EYEWEAR is the Neubau district, a neighborhood in Vienna, Austria’s capital city. It’s much more than just the label’s namesake. It symbolizes the urban lifestyle and our claim to make the world more sustainable in everything that we do. Here, traditional craftsmanship meets innovation, Viennese customs mix with cosmopolitanism and historic architecture combines with postmodern urban oases.

neubau eyewear glasses