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Today’s working environment is becoming increasingly agile, dynamic, digital and transparent. It is our ambition to help shape this change. That’s why we are always seeking new talent to help us move forward. As an Austrian family business, we value a strong team spirit built on respect and trust. We strive to be the kind of company that talented people want to join and stay with for years to come.

Because only with a strong, international team can we operate sustainably worldwide while delivering the finest quality and setting new standards. We are proud of our diverse, talented work force - from designers and product specialists, to sales and marketing experts, to technicians and beyond. It takes all of us combining our talents to keep our company successful.


employees worldwide

are employed by the Silhouette Group.



work at our corporate headquarters in Linz, Austria every day, where we create the world’s finest eyewear.



are currently doing vocational training under our six work-study programs.

Julia Gal-Konwalinka <br> Director Human Resource Management

Julia Gal-Konwalinka
Director Human Resource Management

„A company and its culture are no more than the sum of the people who work there. As a family business, what matters most to us is that we all work together as a team, with respect, trust and transparency. Because you can only develop your full potential when you feel at home in your work."

Employee benefits

Our team members are our most valuable asset. That’s why we do everything we can to keep them feeling good.

Kurzfilm über die neueste Kollektion

Health and sports

As part of our Silvital health program, we invite all employees to join in team events and fitness activities. We also operate a health office at our headquarters where we offer regular preventive screenings and vaccinations.

Accessible commute

If you want to help us revolutionize the eyewear industry, step one is getting to the office easily each morning. To ensure that our employees have a pleasant commute, our company headquarters in Ellbognerstraße in Linz is very easy to access.


As a family business, we know that parents can only give their best at work when they know their children are receiving the best care possible. That’s why we’ve created our company’s RoSiPez childcare center.

Professional development

You never stop learning. At least not at Silhouette. Our range of professional and personal development opportunities extends from workshops and training courses to internal training.


Our carefully planned onboarding process ensures that everyone gets off to a great start. We offer a personalized program for new team members during your first few months to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Employee events

Teams don’t just happen on their own. That’s why we make sure the team spirit extends beyond the workplace. Our employee events are a strong part of our corporate culture and make our strong team even stronger.

Food and drink

We want to make sure everyone feels their best, so they can give their best. At the Silhouette Group canteen, you’ll find plenty of fresh organic food on the menu. There’s always a perfect option to help you refuel and give your creativity a boost.

Flexible Working and homeoffice

Our relationship with our employees is based on trust, not control. That’s why we offer flexible working hours and the option to work remotely. We are an agile team and are open to ideas that make our processes even better.

Bridge days

Work is important, but so is downtime. When bridge days between weekends and public holidays occur, we all work a little extra for a set amount of time each day to make sure we can all take the bridge days off together.

An inclusive environment.

Diversity is our strength. It is the secret to our company’s unique culture. We welcome diversity in every way. Differences enrich our culture, broaden our perspective and set our company on the path to lasting success.

At Silhouette International, everyone is treated with respect and appreciation. We are an equal-opportunity employer. What matters to us is performance, not origin, gender, age or sexual identity. Anyone who shares our values of inclusivity and diversity is sure to feel right at home.


countries of origin

We employ workers from around 30 different countries at the Silhouette Group in Linz.

56 %


Women make up 56 % of our workforce across the entire company. Our hiring decisions are based on your qualifications and whether your values match ours.

18 years

Average length of employment

The average Silhouette Group employee stays with the company for 17.87 years.

Training is essential. But so is having fun.

Our apprentices at the Silhouette Group receive a firm foundation in nine career tracks and a work-study program designed to make learning inspirational and fun. Joint apprentice excursions, team and communication training and English courses add even more variety to the daily work routine.

Kurzfilm über die neueste Kollektion
Michael Petschnik, <br>Head of Technical Apprentice Training

Michael Petschnik,
Head of Technical Apprentice Training

„During their vocational training, apprentices spend time working in different departments which gives them a chance to really get to know the whole company.“

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