Keeping the planet as beautiful as it is.

As a family business, we take a long-term view and act in the best interests of our planet’s future. After all, what good are premium glasses if we cannot enjoy the beauty of nature around us?

To live up to our mission, we operate sustainably and responsibly and do everything we can to protect the environment for generations to come. We believe that our innovative spirit helps us to keep finding new, sustainable solutions that reduce our impact on the planet.

Making great strides towards our carbon elimination goals

Even though our eyewear production is already CO2-neutral thanks to carbon offsetting, we are working tirelessly to keep reducing our emissions. One major advantage in our race to eliminate carbon has been our on-site solar energy production, involving both rooftop solar panels and solar “flowers” (smaller, column-mounted solar panels arranged in a flower-shaped array, which automatically rotate to optimize exposure to the sun). We are also converting our vehicle fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles, and our production facilities are powered exclusively by CO2-free green electricity. The remaining tons of CO2 that we emit are offset through certificates issued by Gold Standard projects in the global South.

Making great strides towards our carbon elimination goals

That’s something to be proud of: 100 % CO2-free electricity.

Our mission: zero emissions. At our corporate headquarters and at our production site, we already use 100 percent CO2-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity. Our energy is generated from natural, renewable sources such as wind, solar, small sourced power, and biofuels and is free of CO2 and nuclear power. We are committed to investing in clean energy for the future. Our own solar energy panels generate around 15 % of the electricity we consume each year. And our green energy mission is only just getting started.

That’s something to be proud of:  100 % CO<sub>2</sub>-free electricity.

Every drop of water counts.

At the Silhouette Group, every drop of water is precious. We make great efforts to conserve water. We are also constantly working to improve the quality and purification of the wastewater we produce. For example, the wastewater at our production site passes through state-of-the-art treatment facilities and can then be reused. Through water monitoring with smart water meters, we monitor, evaluate and analyze all our water consumption. At our production site in Linz, we recycle over 104,000 liters of water a day in an Austrian water protection area.

Every drop of water counts.

70 %

of our suppliers and agencies

are based in Austria.


liters of water

are recycled daily at our production site in Linz, which is located inside a water protection area that meets the highest Austrian environmental standards.

100 %

CO2-free, sustainable

electricity is used to power the Silhouette Group production sites.

Silhouette has always been focused on the environment. Since 1964.

In order to protect the endangered biodiversity, the Silhouette Group has created a natural garden on the company premises in Linz. In the densely built-up, mixed-use area of land on Ellbognerstrasse, the sprawling parkland looks like a green oasis. Over the years, the lawns have turned into a vibrant sanctuary for insects, beetles, small mammals, and birds. Our blossoming meadow is now teeming with even more local species of plants and wildflowers. This has brought life to the soil and improved the microclimate. The Silhouette Group is clearly demonstrating that business and biodiversity are not mutually exclusive but can flourish side by side.

Silhouette has always been focused on the environment. Since 1964.

Biodiversity in swarms, thanks to Silhouette’s 200,000 bees.

On May 2, 2023, 200,000 honey bees had their first day at work at the Silhouette Group. Our ten bee colonies are housed in ten beehives on the natural green space near the company headquarters. The hives are perfectly aligned for the bees to fly in and out. Our swarm of new employees collect pollen within an approximate radius of 200 to 500 meters. In doing so, they’re enriching the flora on the company premises and making a definite contribution to enhancing biodiversity. The honey bee may be small, but its benefits are huge. When it collects pollen, it transfers it to pollinate 80% of all wild plants and crops.

Biodiversity in swarms, thanks to Silhouette’s 200,000 bees.
Josef Keplinger, <br>Head of Quality, Employee Safety, Environment

Josef Keplinger,
Head of Quality, Employee Safety, Environment

„The Silhouette Group’s green initiatives are playing an important role in environmental protection.“

Sustainability Report: Our CSR in action

The Silhouette Group has always been ahead of its time. We have been abiding by the principles of sustainability intuitively ever since our company was founded in 1964 - before the word “sustainability” was on any company’s agenda. Our desire to protect the environment has always influenced every decision we make. And now, we are proud to present a full Sustainability Report, detailing all our company’s environmental and social responsibility initiatives. This is one more way in which we live up to our responsibility towards people and the planet.

Sustainability Report: Our CSR in action
Arnold Schmied, <br>Member of the owner family

Arnold Schmied,
Member of the owner family

„We have made two commitments: to keep our manufacturing based in Austria and to conserve natural resources.“


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