Sustainability report 02/19 - 01/22

Our CSR in action

The Silhouette Group has always been ahead of its time. We have been abiding by the principles of sustainability intuitively ever since our company was founded in 1964 - before the word “sustainability” was on any company’s agenda. Our desire to protect the environment has always influenced every decision we make.

And now, we are proud to present our second sustainability report, detailing all our company’s environmental and social responsibility initiatives. We are audited by official external bodies (EMAS and TÜV-Austria) on the transparent reporting of our environmental goals, including our previous CSR activities, as well as our strategic goals in terms of sustainable future design.

The KPIs presented in the report relate primarily to the Silhouette Group’s corporate headquarters and our production facilities in Linz and Trhové Sviny. The data collected covers the period from February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2022.

The sustainability report is one more way in which we live up to our responsibility towards people and the planet.

Download: DE Nachhaltigkeitsbericht
Download: EN Nachhaltigkeitsbericht
Download: CZ Nachhaltigkeitsbericht

March 9, 2023