110 Design Awards

for the Silhouette Group

Design awards and eyewear from the Silhouette Group have gone hand in hand since 1993, the year we won our first award for the Minimal Art Trend Collection. Almost 30 years after receiving our first design award for the Minimal Art Trend Collection, we are now pleased to announce that we have just won our 110th design award.

Our 110 Design Awards clearly showcase our high-quality standards and never-ending pursuit of innovation. In the years leading up to over 100 awards, we have also been proud to receive 31 Red Dot Awards. Several of these went to our design icon, Titan Minimal Art. Over the years, we have also won 21 IF Design Awards and 12 German Design Awards.

International design awards pay tribute to exceptional products, particularly creative achievements and outstanding designs. Whether they are aesthetically pleasing, functional or innovative, award-winning designs all have one thing in common: outstanding quality. Awards such as the Red Dot or the IF Design Award have a long tradition and have come to be recognized internationally as prestigious marks of quality for good design. At the same time, the criteria that the international juries use to evaluate the designs continually evolve to include new technical, social, economic and ecological requirements. These criteria focus, for example, on the functionality, durability, ergonomics and innovativeness of the products.

September 1, 2022