NEUBAU EYEWEAR receives MIDO CSE Award for sustainability

NEUBAU EYEWEAR was awarded with the first CSE - Certified Sustainable Eyewear Award in the category "Sunglasses Europe" at this year's MIDO for their special commitment to sustainability. The sustainable eyewear brand won with their model "ROMY", which is made from the 100% plant-based material natural3D using innovative 3D-printing technology in a no-waste method.

The jury of experts evaluated the nominated products based on detailed criteria on their environmental and social impact, taking into consideration the product's entire life cycle. The criteria include recycling of materials, minimization of consumption in production and distribution processes, optimal use of the supply chain, elimination of waste, recyclability, and use of renewable energy. The motivation of who wins the award was based on the following factors, which were proven to be best at NEUBAU: Handmade products, a local and carbon-neutral production (with offsetting) in the heart of Austria, the innovative plant-based 3D material, as well as clear and effective communication combining sustainability and aesthetics.

The award particularly emphasizes NEUBAU’s brand philosophy, which is based on a resource-efficient production of aesthetic, high-quality and sustainable eyewear since the brand was founded in 2016.

February 9, 2023