The Silhouette Group is pleased to welcome 200,000 new employees: honey bees!

On May 2, 2023, 200,000 honey bees had their first day at work at the Silhouette Group. Our ten bee colonies are housed in ten beehives on the natural green space near the company headquarters. The hives are perfectly aligned for the bees to fly in and out. Our swarm of new employees collect pollen within an approximate radius of 200 to 500 meters. In doing so, they’re enriching the flora on the company premises and making a definite contribution to enhancing biodiversity.

Bees buzz so that your stomach can stop growling
The honey bee may be small, but its benefits are huge. When it collects pollen, it transfers it to pollinate 80% of all wild plants and crops. That means that without bees, fruit growers would have almost nothing to harvest. In fact, bees are responsible for almost a third of all food. Each bee colony provides around 15 kilos of biomass, which other living creatures use for food. This makes bees the third most important farm animal in Austria after cattle and pigs.

An abundant harvest of between 200 and 400 kilos of honey a year
A bee’s year runs from March to August, as they hibernate in the colder months. In the warmer months, bees produce their sweet, golden honey. In a good year, a harvest can yield around 40 kilos of honey per colony. The busy bees at the Silhouette Group produce between 200 and 400 kilos of honey a year. This honey is a naturally rich mixture of different plant saps and is therefore a healthy and diverse food. The reason for this is that the flora on the company premises is very varied, being managed in a way that is close to nature. In addition, Silhouette honey is certified organic and approved for public consumption. This makes it taste just that bit better! Our honey is sold to Silhouette Group employees, bottled in 330 gram jars. That way, the proceeds benefit our employees too. Our honey is also used in dishes in our staff canteen.

July 18, 2023