We are looking forward to our future. June 5 is World Environment Day

The Silhouette Group is involved in ambitious, pioneering work on environmental protection, and is now training apprentices to be climate checkers.

World Environment Day reminds people in over 150 countries that everyone has a role to play in maintaining a healthy planet. This year, the focus is on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience under the hashtag #GenerationRestoration.
For the Silhouette Group, every day is ‘environment day’. We have been committed to the environment since the company was founded in 1964, long before the United Nations established World Environment Day in 1973. “Acting responsibly is part of our DNA. We think long-term and have the future of the planet in mind every day, especially on World Environment Day,” explains Michael Schmied, CMO. Those early seeds have now clearly sprouted: We are the only eyewear manufacturer in Europe to receive an EMAS certificate from the European Union since 2021. The Eco Management and Audit Scheme documents excellent, systematic environmental protection that far exceeds legal requirements.

An Eye On The Future Of The Planet For The Past 60 Years.
We generate around 1.3 million kWh of electricity annually using our own solar panels. The remaining electricity used at the production sites is also 100% carbon neutral and sustainable. Extensive efforts are made to save water, recycling over 27,000 gallons of wastewater each day. 5 acres of natural park area promote biodiversity. While other companies are still working on achieving carbon-neutral production with offsetting, the Silhouette Group reached this milestone back in September 2022. Our current goal is much more ambitious: carbon-neutral eyewear production by September 2027 without the need for offsetting.

Apprentices Become Climate Checkers.
We are now specifically involving the younger generation to help achieve this ambitious goal. Teaming up with the Austrian Climate Alliance, we train apprentices to become climate checkers. This involves young people sharing ideas with older generations, acquiring knowledge, gaining fresh perspectives, and enhancing their awareness of responsible behavior. We believe our planet needs support every day, not just on World Environment Day.

June 5, 2024