Empowered by Lightness.

In 1964, Silhouette started with a clear vision: Anneliese and Arnold Schmied wanted to create the world’s finest eyewear without ever settling for less than the highest quality. Today, Silhouette is the global leader in rimless premium eyewear, also making a unique impact on the full-rim eyewear market in recent years.

This success is no coincidence, but the result of our consistent focus on quality and our vision for the future. That is why we remain dedicated to our Austrian roots and still create our eyewear using local craftsmanship and innovation. We are committed to our hometown of Linz, Austria and have been investing in its talents for decades.

25 Years of Titan Minimal Art

Homage to an icon: The world’s most famous rimless eyewear has taken the planet by storm. Now, 25 years later, our ongoing commitment to redefining and continually driving forward innovation still continues. This journey has led us to the creation of the new Titan Minimal Art collection, which is now enhancing the universe at the speed of light.

Silhouette Titan Minimal Art campaign shoot

80 %


Craftsmanship with soul instead of assembly-line goods: around 80% of the work that goes into creating each pair of metal Silhouette eyewear is done carefully by hand.


production steps

It takes up to 264 steps to create a single pair of Silhouette glasses.

12 Mio.


of the iconic Titan Minimal Art have been sold since the design launched in 1999.

A brand
and its icon.

They are worn by over 12 million people around the world. They have garnered 18 design awards for their unique look. And they have been reimagined in new collections 20 times over the years. Titan Minimal Art by Silhouette are considered the most famous rimless glasses in the world. At mere 2 grams, they are incredibly light - without frames, screws or hinges. Their premiere in 1999 revolutionized the eyewear market. This iconic design embodies Silhouette’s design philosophy like no other eyewear. They continue to inspire us to create visionary creations that shape the future.

Silhouette glasses

Empowered by lightness.

Premium eyewear from Silhouette is all about feeling light and carefree. Where some see risks, we see opportunities and embrace the future with optimism. We believe that if we all see things a little lighter, we can change the world bit by bit. Boundaries disappear, new possibilities become visible and visions become reality. Silhouette communicates this brand experience under our motto “Empowered by Lightness.” Lightness is state of mind.

Silhouette glasses

Precision made in Austria.

Silhouette is a full-service eyewear supplier, offering both lenses and frames. Our global headquarters in Linz, Austria is situated in an ultra-modern building whose facade is inspired by the shape of a lens. Here, our team of specialists create our high-quality lenses in our Lens Lab to match the individual needs of each customer. Each lens is unique. This tailored approach is the only way we can guarantee that each pair of eyewear is fitted with exactly the right lenses to match it. The result is a perfect visual experience of the highest premium quality. Our pursuit of perfection is what drives us to never stand still, but to continually search for tomorrow’s innovations.

Silhouette lab