25 Years of Titan Minimal Art

This year, we have two reasons to celebrate: it’s the company’s 60th anniversary and it’s also the 25th birthday of our iconic Titan Minimal Art. Some groundbreaking ideas are still unsurpassed even many years after their inception; the Titan Minimal Art is one of those rare examples. The radically minimalist design — born out of pure Austrian ingenuity — revolutionized the entire eyewear market in 1999. Within a very short period of time, the first eyewear to be made from titanium, and with no screws or hinges, became an international sensation. Today, 12.4 million people around the world — and beyond — wear this 0.7 ounce eyewear; a true lightweight in its class.

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From featherlight to weightless: After rigorous scientific testing, the Titan Minimal Art was qualified for space travel in the year 2000, and has since regularly supported space missions as a crew member. No wonder we’re celebrating our icon’s birthday with an outer space theme.

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„The pioneer spirit never fades, it innovates. What the world loved about the Titan Minimal Art 25 years ago is still true for the next generation. We continue to reach new milestones and shape the future of the ultra-light premium eyewear."

Michael Schmied, CMO Silhouette Group

In 2024, we’re commemorating our icon with a new collection that combines the best of the past 25 years, whilst still retaining the basic principle of minimalism. Details such as new lens finishing technology and even more easily adjustable titanium temples continue to showcase our unique technical sophistication.

We are constantly honing the most famous rimless eyewear in the world through our innovation, boldness, and attention to detail. While most people just look up at the stars, we reach for them.


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