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Silhouette Vision Sensation® App

You don’t just become an expert in your field overnight: It takes intensive study followed by years of experience to hone your practical skills. Silhouette International has achieved many impressive milestones as it has grown to become a major international company. Despite our track record of success, we are as committed as ever to pushing things forward. Our constant drive to innovate is how we are able to create surprising new products and features. After years of intensive research & development by some of the leading experts in their fields, our efforts have paid off once again. We are now a full-service providerfor eyewear, offering our customers everything they need to enjoy perfect vision. Introducing a service that is truly ‘100% Silhouette from start to finish’, we offer everything you need in glasses in one perfect package: with precision frames, high-quality lenses and comprehensive service. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re setting the new standard for the international eyewear market with our Silhouette Vision Sensation® app. Choosing a tailor-made pair of glasses has never been so easy. So, how does it work?

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In the past, if a customer wanted to buy a new pair of glasses, they would first have to go to an optician and try on different models until they found the right one. The optician would then perform the necessary measurements. Our app changes all that. We developed a special pair of test glasses in house so opticians can instantly capture the customers’ exact measurements.

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„However, the Vision Sensation app isn’t just beneficial for opticians: Customers can fully customize their Silhouette glasses according to their preferences, choosing from our full range of frames, lens shapes and colors."

Vision Sensation App

The app gives the customer a realistic idea of exactly how their chosen glasses will look - fully customized and scaled to the exact dimensions of their face. There’s never been an easier way for customers to create their own, fully customized glasses.

All from a single source. The Vision Sensation app proves once again that Silhouette is leading the way in new technologies for the eyewear industry. We will continue to push the boundaries and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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