High-tech Titan


High-tech Titanium

Every day, we are inspired by our dream of creating revolutionary eyewear designs. It’s the dream of making glasses that are lighter and more comfortable than ever, without using screws or hinges. The materials we use must meet our high standards of quality. That’s why we use high-tech titanium. It is a unique material with a long history. It has been used for decades in the aeronautics industry, for example. We use it in alloy form to produce our premium glasses.

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The unique composition of our alloy has enabled us to do things that once seemed impossible. High-tech titanium is flexible and light, yet warp-resistant. And because it is hypoallergenic, it is gentle on the skin. It is the ideal choice for bringing our one-of-a-kind designs to life. In its raw form, it is a simple material. Yet precise technological mastery is required to refine and work with titanium. To create a pair of titanium frames, the raw material must go through a series of around 100 carefully coordinated steps.

„In total, it can take up to 264 steps to create a single pair of our master-crafted rimless glasses. 80% of the manufacturing is done by hand - although crafting is probably a more accurate word."


Right now, there is no material that compares to high-tech titanium. And as pioneers in our field, we are always looking at new ways of using titanium while searching for new materials to exploit. The next revolution in the eyewear industry could be just around the corner.

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