How do our designers get inspired?

Sources of inspiration can be found almost anywhere. But there is no single approach that is guaranteed to lead to the right idea. When it comes to creating an award-winning design, the designer needs to harness their intuition and expertise, and follow their creative instincts. After all, inspiration can come when you least expect it: a wallpaper pattern, the playful colors of the Flower Power era, historical motifs from ancient times. And nature is a rich and reliable source of inspiration for intricate designs. Our designers look for inspiration everywhere they go. Their eyes intuitively catch on patterns that might just grow to become the next major trend.

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At the same time, they never lose sight of what matters most. The creative minds at Silhouette always seek to create designs that shine a spotlight on the personality and individuality of each of our customers. We believe that design is the most beautiful way to solve any problem, and that is what drives our designers to continually develop innovative approaches. Sometimes, less is definitely more.

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„Our glasses are so much more than mere vision aids. They are accessories designed to the highest degree of technical perfection."


Today, our designers still pursue that goal. Each pair of Silhouette frames starts with a minimalistic design which is embellished with smart solutions and details that deliver maximum impact for our customers. We focus on using the latest technologies and finest materials to achieve the lightness and flexibility that have become our signature. Thanks to these features, our glasses are known and loved by people all over the world.

The shapes and contours of our glasses are created to perfectly accentuate the wearer’s face, while our selection of colors sets right tone and ties everything together. Our nuanced color palette is inspired above all by the splendor of nature. Our designers’ intuition and eye for detail are ultimately the secret to our success. Because that is what makes Silhouette glasses what they are.

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