Revolutionary materials

It always starts with an idea. At Silhouette, it was the revolutionary vision of our company founders, Anneliese and Arnold Schmied. They wanted to create the world’s most beautiful eyewear without ever compromising on quality. The two of them followed their inner voice, embraced the world with an open mind and recognized the signs of their times. They were visionaries. Never afraid of change, they pursued their dream wholeheartedly while always looking to the future.

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But how did they manage to turn their ideas into reality? For the husband-and-wife team, it was clear from the very beginning that quality must always come before quantity. And so they went to work, putting that vision into practice. It would take huge amounts of patience, passion and a zero-compromise attitude to continually broaden their horizons. To this day, this is still what defines our company’s DNA.

„Far ahead of their time, our founders continually sought creative, experimental approaches. No path was too far for them. They invested in the latest and finest materials, plus the most innovative technologies. This led them to take the premium eyewear category to a whole new level."


And today, six decades later, we are still guided by the expertise and tradition that they established. We continue to develop innovative materials and set new standards. The secret to premium-quality eyewear is the combination of materials and craftsmanship. We believe that this is fundamental to creating glasses that excel in every way.

We find the sweet spot between cutting-edge technology, functionality and design. Our glasses are created using the best materials and a passion for craftsmanship, because we love what we do. Only a select few materials meet our high standards, offering the unparalleled lightness, flexibility and durability that defines our glasses, along with their timeless designs that make them so unique.

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