Virtual Try-on


Virtual Try-on

We’ve all been there: In your mind, you just know you've found the perfect pair of glasses. But once you actually try them on, you realize they’re not such a great choice after all. They do not flatter your face shape, or maybe the color is all wrong for your skin tone or eye color. When you’re shopping for new glasses, there are so many questions. Should you go for pantos? Or maybe a squared shape? And how about the color? Maybe a classic black, or do you feel like something in rosé? Fortunately, now you can get all the answers with the new Virtual Try-On tool at
Glasses and sunglasses have become an indispensable accessory in any fashion-lover’s wardrobe. Yet the key is to find the right design, shape and color to accentuate your face. The perfect pair of glasses is more than just a vision aid. It’s about showcasing your unique personality.

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Silhouette has harnessed the power of digital technology to enable you to try on our glasses, all from the comfort of your own home. Looking for your new favorite glasses has never been so convenient. With the Virtual Try-On tool, your computer display instantly transforms into a virtual mirror.

„Thanks to the Virtual Try-On tool you can search for the perfect pair of Silhouette glasses from home, faster and easier than ever."

So, whenever you’re wondering whether the frames you’ve selected match your style, or whether they complement your face shape, now you’ve got the answer. Which makes it so much easier to find that timeless look or statement pair of glasses you’ve always been looking for.

Once you’ve found a model online, that’s when things get real - literally - because we will send your frames to an eye care professional near you, so that you can try them on and receive personalized service. From the moment you try them on, you’ll be amazed at how light and comfortable your new Silhouette glasses are. Now that you’ve found the perfect match, you can live happily ever after - all thanks to the virtual Try-On service.

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