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100% Silhouette

We have a passion for perfection. Our goal is nothing less than to create true masterpieces, every single day. Now, building on years of experience, we have become a full-service supplier that offers lenses, frames and service as a single package - delivered with the utmost precision. Our glasses are developed, manufactured, and assembled, all under one roof. And each part perfectly complements the others. The result is an optical masterpiece - 100% Silhouette.

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In 1964, Arnold and Anneliese Schmied struck out on their own, founding their own company. It was a bold step, but it paved the way for the stylish, premium frames that Silhouette has been creating ever since. In 2017, we took the next big step by becoming a full-service eyewear supplier.

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„We now offer frames, lenses, and service in one perfect package, providing our customers with the ultimate in vision. From the first design sketch to the final polish, everything is Made in Austria."

Lens Lab

Our next big step in our development has been our ultramodern Lens Lab at our company headquarters in Linz, Austria, ushering in a new phase for us as a premium eyewear brand. The new lab enables us to precision-make lenses - the most important part of any pair of glasses - to match our frames exactly. Each lens goes through a production process consisting of more than 80 steps. By the time a pair of glasses is ready for the customer to wear, it has passed more than 100 quality checks at Silhouette to guarantee that it meets the highest standards.

(c) Lens Lab pictures: Schreyer David

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