The Silhouette Group wins the IRIS23 environmental award

There is a lot of excitement at the headquarters of the Silhouette Group in Linz. The globally successful family-owned company prevailed over other local companies and institutions to win the IRIS23 City of Linz Environmental Award. Deputy Mayoress Tina Blöchl and Environmental Councilor Eva Schobesberger presented the coveted award to Thomas Windischbauer, COO, and Josef Keplinger, Head of Quality, Occupational Safety and Environment. Every other year, the city of Linz gives this award in recognition of innovative, extraordinary achievements in our city related to protecting the environment, nature and our climate.

Holistic approach with numerous initiatives
The independent panel noted that the Silhouette Group has adopted a holistic approach to sustainability. The combination of large-scale initiatives along with many smaller projects has enabled Silhouette to accomplish something far greater. For example, solar panels on the roofs generate over 1.3 million kWh a year. The company grounds at headquarters have three groundwater wells for irrigation, saving 104,000 liters gallons of drinking water a year. There are on-site solar charging points for the fleet of e-vehicles, energy consumption is monitored, and ideas are put into practice for increasing efficiency and avoiding waste... and much more. Silhouette’s eyewear production already uses 100% green electricity and is carbon-neutral, currently with offsetting. Through its own initiatives, the Silhouette Group wants to achieve 0 emissions by 2027.

Copyrights Picture: Stadt Linz Dworschak

June 23, 2023