World Earth Day: New CSR Video From The Silhouette Group

There could soon be more plastic waste than fish floating in the sea. The European Parliament reports that according to one estimate, this could actually be the case by 2050. To avert this, the motto for today’s World Earth Day is “Planet vs. Plastic”. The Silhouette Group is keen to make a contribution towards a healthy environment and is constantly trying to reduce its use of plastic. It is our vision to make not only the most beautiful eyewear in the world, but also the most sustainable.
An example of this is our closed-loop production process for eyewear frames and lenses. We filter the cooling water used for grinding the lens blanks several times and consistently recycle milling residues and shavings to guarantee 0% microplastics in our lens production.

Our CSR efforts at a glance
We make a real effort every day to fulfill our responsibility towards both the planet and society. Our vision of the future is as diverse as our CSR activities. We treat over 26,000 gallons of water daily and we generate power using our own solar panels. We’re also proud signatories of the Diversity Charter.
Find out more in our new CSR video!

April 22, 2024