EMAS certification

Silhouette’s environmental management system gets a stamp of approval

EMAS certification

The Silhouette Group received its official EMAS certification at the start of 2021. In so doing, it joins an exclusive group of around 300 organizations in Austria and the certification gives the company added environmental credibility alongside its existing ISO-14001 certificate.

EMAS, which stands for the Eco Management and Audit Scheme, was created by the European Commission in 1993 as a voluntary tool for the systematic application of environmental protection. The EMAS scheme shows that it is possible to balance economic success and environmental considerations, proving that going green can also make businesses more competitive. Today, EMAS is regarded as the standard for innovative, socially conscious companies.

In fact, the Silhouette Group was an early EMAS pioneer—having been one of the very first companies in Austria to sign up. Silhouette left the scheme after three years and then reregistered in 2020, a move which once again underscores the company's social and environmental credentials.

Even today, the Silhouette Group is the only European eyewear manufacturer to be EMAS-certified.

August 27, 2022