Company Crèche

Villa „RoSiPez“

Company Crèche Villa „RoSiPez“

We want all our staff to enjoy a healthy balance between their family and their career, so we partnered with two local companies to set up the “Villa RoSiPez” crèche and make childcare that bit easier.

The crèche is located in a new two-story building in Leonding which was built using sustainable construction methods. With a large garden, it’s the perfect environment for kids to play, learn valuable skills, explore, and of course to have fun too.

Überbetriebliche Krabbelstube Villa RoSiPez

Überbetriebliche Krabbelstube Villa RoSiPez

Even better, Villa RoSiPez is situated right next door to our company, ensuring that outstanding childcare delivered with a smile is easily accessible.

March 21, 2022