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From idea to first prototype

People have always been fascinated by objects of beauty. Good design is part of our everyday lives and it enriches the world around us. Every day, creative minds put brilliant new ideas on paper. You never know when someone is going to come up with the next major trend. But beauty isn’t the only purpose of design: There are also functional and technical considerations to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s society. Yet we often overlook what a time-consuming and difficult process it is to get a new design off the ground.

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Every design starts with an idea. At first, it is vague and incomplete. It exists only in the designer’s mind. Then it’s a question of making the design more tangible by sketching it out with a pencil and paper or using a computer. Idea has become reality.

When generating new ideas, our design team at Silhouette is guided by our design philosophy of sensual simplicity.

Silhouette Designer

Our goal is to create timeless, minimalistic designs with smart, technological solutions as well as the classic look and feel that defines Silhouette frames. In the words of our company founder, Arnold Schmied, Sr.: “You should be able to recognize a pair of Silhouette glasses with your eyes closed.”

All of our designers share a set of particular traits. Openness and curiosity about new things, plus the determination and practical skills to bring their ideas to life. Our customers are always front and center in the design process. After all, the purpose of our glasses is to accentuate the wearer’s personality—not vice versa. Designing eyewear is like typesetting: Even tiny changes in line spacing can have a huge impact on the whole.

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