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As a designer, it is always a proud moment to win a prestigious international design award. It is a recognition of your creativity and your hard work - as well as the outstanding design itself. Over the years, Silhouette has won quite a few prestigious international design awards - more than 130 in fact - in recognition of our tireless commitment to innovation, our pioneering spirit, the extraordinary quality of our glasses, and our exceptional craftsmanship.

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Our glasses are unique because we always try to steer clear of short-lived fashion trends. Ever since our company was founded, our focus has been on delivering quality for better vision and designs that are stylish and timeless as well as durable. Our glasses are designed to make our customers feel good, which is why ergonomics is also an important part of our design process.

„Wearing Silhouette glasses helps you feel light and free. We utilize our years of expertise to guide our creative process, each and every time."

Silhouette Designer

We also provide a wide range of customization options to ensure that our designs accentuate the faces and personalities of anyone who wears them. That enables everyone to find their perfect glasses because our range will have something as unique and special as your personality.

Whenever one of creations receives global recognition, it makes us incredibly proud. Yet, no matter how popular our frames have become, we never take our success for granted. More than anything, the prestigious design awards we have received encourage us to keep up our search for innovative, new approaches. We will continue to push the boundaries of eyewear design as we work to develop the solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

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