In nature, everything has a purpose. But it is also capable of producing real wonders, one of which is the castor bean plant, which has been called a “miracle plant” because of the wide range of applications that it has. One of those applications is particularly important to us, because it is how we make our sustainable eyewear. We use the castor oil derived from the seeds of the plant to create innovative biopolymers. Our biobased materials natural3D and naturalPX are both based on this powerful, sustainable and valuable raw material.

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Once this has been turned into high-quality polyamide powder, it can then be melted, layer by layer, to create limitless designs. Meanwhile, any waste material is simply recycled and reused, creating a sustainable production cycle. We only use the exact amount that we need to create each pair of glasses and any residual powder is carefully removed. Nothing goes to waste, and no additional tools are needed.

„The 100% plant-based material is transformed into cutting-edge eyewear using groundbreaking technologies."


natural3D was developed for beauty and flexibility. Using a patented process, we seal the color into each of the perfectly polished surfaces. Only our experts know the secret. The result is a level of precision that can hardly be found in nature, even though it is entirely based on natural materials.

And that’s how we turn a wonder of the natural world into something just as miraculous: a pair of glasses made from natural3D. Sustainable and non-toxic, and lovingly Made in Austria with the greatest attention to detail.

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