Sustainability is a major focus for us when deciding which materials to use. We are dedicated to embracing new technologies and developing sustainable materials, so that we help protect the environment in the future. Our actions are driven by the fact that only 0.5% of plastics currently produced in the world are biobased. This is why we have decided to use a plant-based alternative: naturalPX, made with up to 65% castor oil.

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Using biobased materials and sustainable production methods enables us to conserve the precious natural resources of our planet. Silhouette has always been a pioneer, whether it’s producing innovative, contemporary eyewear or protecting the environment. And we believe that our glasses prove that we can do both things at once.

„naturalPX is remarkable because it is more transparent than glass, making it the ideal material for creating innovative color combinations and crystal-clear looks - which in turn makes it the perfect choice for showcasing the unique style and personality of our customers."


Another benefit of naturalPX is its extreme durability. But as well as being highly warp-resistant, it is also flexible - for the perfect fit. Each pair of glasses we make from naturalPX offers unparalleled comfort and lightness, without the use of plasticizers.

Together, we are doing everything we can to conserve natural resources and minimize our company’s environmental footprint. Using our innovative naturalPX polymer allows us to contribute to a sustainable future every day. And that’s something we can all feel good about.

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