Naturnahe Gartengestaltung


Why did we return our company park to nature?

Nature is a source of energy to us all. It is the origin of all life. Long after we are gone, nature will continue to exist and to evolve. Our home country of Austria is known for its alpine scenery, lakes, and forests. And those of us who are lucky enough to live here feel empowered by this beautiful and diverse landscape. To bring our connection to the natural world to life, we decided to transform our company park at Silhouette Group headquarters in Linz into a natural urban oasis. The project also aligns with our values, as our company has always had a deep sense of responsibility towards local plant- and wildlife. Today, three generations since Silhouette was founded, we are as committed as ever. Our natural park terrain is now a vibrant biosphere where local species of plants, animals and insects can thrive.

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So, you can understand that the park is a bit of passion project for us. Over the past few years, it has been transformed into a thriving sanctuary for insects, beetles, rodents, and birds. Our field is now teeming with local species of plants and wildflowers.

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„This has restored life to the topsoil and brought a noticeable improvement to the microclimate. Our nature park is living proof that business and biodiversity can flourish side by side."

Naturnahe Gartengestaltung

The park is just one of the initiatives to make our company headquarters greener and turn it into a place of outstanding beauty. And with the recent addition of our solar panels, we are now literally producing green energy on site. We have also installed green roofs on several of our buildings and launched a lithopuncture project. In addition, we have installed stone sculptures at strategic locations on our terrain in order to create a sense of energetic balance and harmony.

We want our nature park to serve as an inspiration and role model to other companies. Nature watches over us and furnishes us with so many precious gifts. Now is the time to return the favor.

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