Water conservation

at the Silhouette Group

Water Conservation

The Silhouette Group’s headquarters is located within a water conservation area, so it’s no surprise that the company is always looking at ways to save water and improve the quality and purity of its wastewater.

For example, smart water meters closely monitor and display water consumption during the manufacturing process. The data is then fed into Silhouette Group’s on-site digital software for further analysis. Having round-the-clock monitoring ensures that conserving water is always top of mind and helps us make the best use of this precious, life-giving resource.

To use it efficiently, one key consideration is the proportion or concentration of residue in a given amount of water. With its own wastewater pipe, Silhouette can keep a close eye on the temperature, pH, and amount of wastewater being pumped out of the plants at all times. If residue levels get too high or abnormal levels are recorded, the system sends out a warning so that action can be taken. A daily check is also carried out to test the level of nickel, copper and chromium in the wastewater. In normal circumstances, water cannot be treated and recycled unless it complies with legal regulations.

To keep us within the legal limits set by Austrian law, additional cleaning is required for 10-20 percent of the wastewater we produce, which is why we have installed our own water treatment plants. Once additional purification has been carried out, the wastewater can be recycled and reused.

August 22, 2022